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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation


ID Trust Medical aims to connect the medical and technical scientific world by developing a platform for innovative training tools, contributing to improving endoscopic surgical treatment. It is the place to be for hospitals, residents and graduated practitioners who want to train and improve their psychomotor endoscopic skills.


+he Academy of Gynaecological Surgery succeeded to elaborate a programme of training and certification dealing with both the theoretical knowledge on instrumentation, OR organisation, anatomy and complication management, and the practical laparoscopic and hysteroscopic psychomotor skills, including suturing and knot tying skills.

Training Tools

The tools to implement this programme are offered by ID Trust Medical. It offers training tools both for individual doctors with no special equipment requirements – like the E-Knot, and for equipped medical institutions – like the LASTT, SUTT and HYSTT Training Packages.

Training Tools

Consult the Endoscopic Dry Lab Skill Training Brochure to view the training tools and download our price list to get the latest pricing.

Training Tools Catalogue

Dry Lab Skill Training Brochure

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About ID Trust Medical

Exclusive partner of +he European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery

ID Trust Medical has been granted exclusive rights by +he European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery (+he Academy) for the sale and fulfilment of its training & testing tools, accessories and supplies.
This decision was made to provide customers with enhanced customer service and more rapid fulfilment of orders. The tools, accessories and supplies are exclusively sold by ID Trust Medical and by its resellers.

+he Academy offers the gynaecological community scientifically validated standards and criteria for training and education in gynaecological endoscopy and establishes certified training programmes for residents and postgraduates.

+he Academy devotes its activities to science, education, training and accreditation in the field of gynaecological surgery and offers an apolitical working platform that uses the best scientific evidence in its decision-making process.

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